Everyone has a story and this is our story behind Joya Fine Foods.

We are ordinary people working together to be the change in a sustainable future, making it happen everyday.

It's been 20+ years since Andrew and I made the huge life-changing decision to move from all that was familiar in Melbourne, to a gorgeous little valley called Kancoona. Kancoona sits in the picturesque heart of the beautiful Victorian Alpine Region. We lived in a shed (yes, we built it) for 7 years, whilst building our renewable energy, strawbale home. Totally off-grid and no mobile service - let me tell you, it was a challenge! Our place is on 110 acres and it enables us to grow our own food including chooks, beef, pork, vegetables, fruit and nuts. We use regenerative and biodynamic practices on our land, so we know the food we grow is of the best quality with a high nutrient value.

Having said this, if we don't grow it ourselves, we source only the best seasonally sustainable, local, farm-fresh ingredients for our family’s Sicilian recipes.

Our products are truly artisan, handmade for you to enjoy.~ Mattia Ringe - Founder

Meet The Founder of Joya Fine Foods ~ Mattia Ringe

The joy and smiles on my family and friends' faces, taking obvious pleasure in my little handmade morish delights, is where it all started. With my Sicilian heritage close to my heart and passion for cooking great food, I took the plunge to turn a dream and 30+ years of experience into Joya.

My Sicilian inspired recipes, starting with amaretti and biscotti, are now being enjoyed by my community in Mt Beauty, Myrtleford, Beechworth, Wodonga and Albury. The dream continues, collaborating with chosen partners and spreading my wings nationally and internationally.

Thank you for supporting Joya, I look forward to continuing to share our journey with you. We couldn't do what we do without you. Enjoy!

~ Mattia Ringe - Founder

Meet The

Joya Fine Foods Team

Silvia Zanon ~ HiSylvia Photography

Creative by nature and for the past 10 years, photography has been her only passion. Silvia Captured Joya Fine Foods to perfection.



Hiroshi Kikuchi ~ Brand Hiro

Brandhiro will challenge and disrupt traditional industries but most of all it will challenge traditional thinking to gain market edge. From Branding, Packaging, Marketing B2C + B2B, Advertising, Audio + Video Capture/Editing, WordPress Website Development, Search Engine Marketing, Managed Social Media & Digital Content Development, Brandhiro’s full services are now even more inter-connected than ever before!


Tylar Dane ~ By Tylar Dane 
Tylar Dane Creative will take you behind the screen as she showcases her creative flair stemming from over 10 years worth of experience within the Digital, Print, and the Marketing industry.