Story behind the best seller ~ The Amaretti

The Amaretti 'Almond Pillows' are Joya's signature and best seller. Customers who have bought the Almond Pillows comment on how soft and pillow like they are - really melt in your mouth.

Amaretti comes from the word amaro, which means bitter. Joya's biscotti are not bitter, though some traditional Sicilian recipes do add a small amount of bitter almonds (or essence of bitter almonds), or lemon zest or cinnamon or even a tablespoon of brandy. Customer's prefer Joya's Amaretti for the crusty shell on the outside and the soft nutty middle.

It's sweet almond aroma will take you to an italian Piazza and it's surrounding cobbled streets and bridges. Together with my sister Toni, who also loves to cook, we prepare these special treats for family celebrations and festive events.

Joya's 'Almond Pillows' taste simply of almonds, beautifully fresh, nutty and sweet. You can eat them at any time of the day – they pair beautifully with a cup of coffee in the morning or with a glass of sherry or vin santo in the afternoon or even with the liqueur Amaretto di Saronno after dinner. They stay fresh for a few weeks stored in an air-tight container, although any leftovers don't last very long at our place - I have a long line of interested parties just waiting to come round for coffee!